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Women must also take a pregnancy test, administered by the Supreme Court of Costa Rica at the Forensic Medicine Office, (506) 295-3000.

If the test is negative, there is no waiting period.

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The women of Costa Rica are stunningly attractive, family oriented and extremely sincere in their desire to find a man to spend the rest of their life with in marriage.

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Enjoy this intro video about Costa Rican Singles that will introduce you to some of the Costa Rican women you may find at Costa Rican Singles and show you a little about your opportunities to find your future Costa Rican bride at Costa Rican Singles!Costa Rica destination weddings reach their exotic potential when the cultures themselves are married — your culture as well as Costa Rica's.Wedding traditions in Costa Rica are similar in many ways to those in the United States: Friends and family gather to witness the vows, most often in a church.Online dating in Costa Rica has become quite popular in very much the same way as it has in Panama.I went to Costa Rica in college on a trip to explore the ecotourism side of the country and was fortunate enough to interact with many Costa Ricans.