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I emailed you a while ago thanking you for giving me the courage not to settle but to break up with my girlfriend of 2 years, who although she was a great girl, wasn't my 10. ) I met a beautiful girl at the end of August and immediately we both knew this was IT!!

We got engaged yesterday (Christmas Eve) and I have never been so captivated by anyone. Character and being a masculine man who leads is what every girl wants deep down. I've been in "the community" for about 2 1/2 years now and have researched a vast array of "pick-up" material and have found some helpful products and material to draw from.

And the second I saw this woman and I figured out that I really wanted to meet her, I would experience this total "lock-up" in my brain.

I was frozen to the spot, and I didn't know what to say or do.

Every time I tried to take a step in her direction, my mind would lock up again and I couldn't move or say anything.

Yet there is a POWERFUL method that gives ANY man the ability to shape his own destiny and lifestyle.

I've only been signed up for 3 days now, and I just cannot tell you how impressed I am with the quality content you are putting out.

I've been downloading episodes like mad, and I'm burning up my i Pod trying to take it all in.

I've made it through the basic principles part one and 2, and the using the system episode blew my mind. I just wanted to say this month's Power Session is a minor masterpiece. There was depth, structure, subject development and a comprehensive conclusion. Of all the guru stuff I have been reading, the simple phrase of 'deserve what you want' is probably the best philosophy.

You are developing into a serious contributor within the whole male/female interrelationship field. I love it because it places the responsibility squarely on my shoulders and that fits perfectly with the attitude I'd like to have.