Nice dating places in delhi

Games can run for up to an hour, and the pricing depends entirely on the number of pellets you're willing to pay for.

The rules of engagement are fairly obvious: hang on to the safety equipment, keep your aim level by staying sober, and don't shoot the referee, ever.

The only people that don't like Delhi are those who haven't lived here in winters.

The national capital boasts of a veritable geography, which means there are a million different places where one can just sit and chill for hours to no end.

Nothing puts us in a romantic mood like gray skies, whistling trees and the smell of wet earth.

Why not make good use of the monsoons whilst they are here, then?

Teams compete on a field with large yellow plastic pods as barriers, something like a playpen for grown-ups.100 for 2Tip: Since it's a roadside vendor, do not go there on a first date.Old timers in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, still swear by this legendary place that serves coffee and snacks at dirt-cheap prices.Gravel paths leading up to brightly colored seating spaces…This place will remind you of Roman gardens and make you feel like one of those goddesses who roamed them.