Logon script not updating

Line 2 then applies the famous Map Network Drive method to achieve the actual drive mapping.

You can use logon scripts to assign tasks that will be performed when a user logs on to a particular computer.

Then we apply the fix according to the results so found.

But there also exists the possibility that Windows is simply unable to display Other Users on your computer at log in and Start Screen drop down which appeared once.

Due to multi-user functionality, we can create a number of user accounts in Windows 10/8.

In fact, I have seen cases, where if users face any issue on the system, they first try to check whether the issue is experienced after creating a new user account or not.

Download Data($wc Target) $wc Target Rec = [System. The purpose of this task is to (1) let you know of a possible connection issue if the timestamp is older than 5 minutes, and, (2) report who is currently logged in; method to deduce who may have logged off.

Running the file manually and via a task triggered by the 4740 Event achieved desired results.

Pre-requisites Note 1: VBScript is an object based scripting language.

On line 1 you can see how the code creates obj Network.

In my example the server is called '\alan', therefore the full UNC path is \alan\home.

We will be using Microsoft's VBScript and the code executes on any WSH client.

Logon script not updating