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I have something to tell you.” When Patrick suddenly sent me this text, I knew it couldn’t be a good thing.Just three weeks before, I found his profile on the punchline of all religious dating sites, Christian Mingle.Separations need to be navigated carefully because the ultimate purpose is to reconcile and reunite not to teach you how to live separately.

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In my late twenties, my live-in boyfriend dumped me and kicked me out of his apartment.If you are asking for a separation because your spouse is doing things that you cannot live with then you need to communicate clearly to your spouse what you cannot live with and what needs to happen for you to resume living together.If it is safe and wise given your circumstances, continue to see your spouse to work on the marriage.He was a divorced, non-smoking Catholic and Spanish-to-French translator in the textbook industry.Just over six feet tall, his credentials included photographs that were not blurry and taken by someone other than himself.