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For just a few months earlier, the Greens had been brutally attacked with a machete at their villa on the island and left close to death.'He wanted us to sit on a float and tell everybody what a fantastic country Tobago is,' says Murium, shaking her head in disbelief.Connect to Facebook or Twitter and share your posts, take your best pictures from Instagram, your best location check-ins from Foursquare, link playlists and videos from various social networks. i Love gives you the power to flirt everywhere: In the grocery store, on the bus stop or even when visiting your grandma. Combine it and create a unique dating profile with a few clicks. It was a conversation that, even now, Peter and Murium Green find difficult to believe ever actually took place.Farid Hinds, a minister for tourism on the Caribbean island of Tobago, had turned up at their home in Somerset bearing gifts – an ornament featuring a miniature steel drum and a brightly patterned sarong.Surgeon Rear Admiral Ralph Curr, the UK National Defence Association's south-west president, said: 'The Navy has got down to a critical mass, the bare minimum.'You can't expect the Government to make more cuts and still expect the Navy to conduct the same number of operations at the same intensity.

Dozens of warships and submarines have fallen victim to crippling spending cuts - leaving Britain's naval defences at critically low levels. Opposition parties and naval commanders last night criticised the loss of so many vessels.

The couple invited Mr Hinds in and, in return, they were asked to return to Tobago to take part in its annual carnival.

It's a proposal that they admit they would find funny were it not for the horrific ordeal that prompted it.

The sales of HMS London and HMS Coventry to Romania are particularly controversial because it was revealed that of the £116million paid for the Type 22 frigates, the British taxpayer received only £200,000.

The remainder went to British arms giant BAE Systems to refurbish them.