Entj dating

Two thinkers can make for a very informative relationship.Two thinkers can really discuss matters and learn new things.Interestingly enough, the ENTJ male has their own pattern of dealing with the typical woman, which they have exactly zero level of respect for.

Efforts by parents and others to mold them into more traditional female images are usually met with rebellion.Other women usually resent the arrogance of ENTJ females may unwittingly find herself to be a loner, something particularly difficult for Extraverts.Of course, the problem intensifies for the ENTJ female when dealing with men, even male ENTJs. Given their relatively small numbers in the population, this is not surprising.NT females have a particularly difficult time in many instances: INTJ women are estimated at 1-2% of the population in some studies, while ENTJ women have it only slightly better at 2 - 4%.