What wags are dating who

Yeah, you’d be hard pressed not to baptize yourself in repeat spins of Beyonce’s “***Flawless” afterwards.

Similar to the wives-of-such-and-such shows that came before it (looking at you, offers you a glimpse into lit yacht rides, lavish mansions and expensive shopping trips.

It’s like, is it a blessing from God or is it the devil at your door? Show ‘Wags,’ Flourishing As An Athlete’s Lady & Not Giving Life To Haters Last season, the show wasn’t much more than establishing that, in this world, wives are the true gatekeepers to the sports world’s spoils. Well, they better just pray they don’t get traded out of their plush seat at the table. People always take what you say out of context or they’re gonna judge you for what you say, so let [the men] play. For me to talk about it on a public platform for them to blast on ESPN is not my thing.

Gates, dubbed “Queen WAG,” and fellow wife enthusiast Autumn Ajirotutu, wife of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Seyi Ajirotutu, led the charge (unintentionally says Ajirotutu) against the single gals. If I’m still feeling [upset] the next day, I’ll say it. Now, plenty of reality TV stars have managed to flip their TV fame into a business or brand outside of their man’s careers. Autumn: I’ve always had this passion for baking and cooking, so I’m creating a food and lifestyle blog.

Hencha and Metisha plan to launch a clothing line together.

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His girlfriend Eduran is a spanish pop star although 5 year older than him but they have been getting along pretty well.

We tried to dig up a few sites to get this information which might or might not be accurate. Cristiano Ronaldo has been dating Irina Shayk since 2010 and she is probably the longest relationship he has since he turned professional.

The relationship however came to abrupt end earlier in year as Irina shayk called of her ties with Ronaldo.

Confirmed cast members include Hencha Voigt, Claudia Sampedro, Vanessa Cole, Ashley Nicole Roberts, Darnell Nicole, Astrid Bavaresco, and Metisha Schaefer.

Their official profiles are featured — as well as a first-look teaser — are featured below: Hencha Voigt fell in and out of love with an NBA star, previously of the Boston Celtics.