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Hooper met Zucconi on the Lower East Side of Manhattan after hearing and enjoying his music from his former band ALOKE.Despite having just met, Hooper invited Zucconi to an artist residency in Crete she was leaving for later that week.We wanted to step out of our comfort zone and just take a risk and try working with someone else and Phil is so awesome and we love his records.Seattle is our one of favorite places to visit and play and to live there for three months in the middle of winter was fucking awesome and was a great environment to hole up and make music so it was cool to experience that. I’m going to be the person I am for her which is a good sensitive dude who is always going to be there for her.

From bold leopard print to full-on lace, the skintight onesies have become part of her signature look.This was the first time we really took a step back and write just for the writing sake with really no end goal in mind.We all just became stronger writers and more experience together on the road and we became closer.They turn to me a lot for advice on girls and clothes. There's something really expressive about the song onstage. "Borderlines and Aliens" just has a heaviness that I identify with right now. I think it has a lot to do with the audience and the sheer energy.It's a mix between adrenaline, fear, and excitement, and when you get out on stage and see all those people, it launches me into superhero Hannah. I think that's what keeps us so tight as a unit; we write on the road.