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You’d think your flagship phone exploding would be pretty bad for your stock price, right? Even after multiple replacement models of the Galaxy Note 7 appear to have combusted like the original – forcing major carriers to stop selling the phone and Samsung to reportedly suspend its production – the company’s stock has only dipped 1.5% by midday Monday.

Even that’s an understatement: That stock hit an all-time high just last Friday, while the company was still in the midst of the mess.

DAPM aims to isolate each of the parts that constitute a successful mass marketing scam, on both psychological and technical lines, while examining the behaviour of both the victim and the perpetrators.

Ultimately the researchers hope to develop software able to spot fraudulent behaviour within email, social media and dating websites and, at the same time, educate the public to the dangers of online fraud in a meaningful way.

This chart from Statista shows how this might be possible.

Though the Galaxy Note 7 was a major launch for Samsung’s smartphone business, it still represents a fraction of its overall sales, and the business itself remains the largest in the world. There are people who now equate “Samsung Galaxy” with “the phone that explodes,” and that’ll only help rivals like Apple and, now, Google.

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If you had pitched Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) or Airbnb to Peter Hudson back in the day, he’s not so sure he would have invested in those ventures.

Of course, there were already a number of search engines when Google launched in the late 1990s, and who would want to rent out their own room to a complete stranger over the Internet?

He is particularly interested in the intersection between technology, the political sphere and the day-to-day.

Money might be the motivator behind the great majority of online scams, but Professor Monica Whitty at Warwick University is leading a project to unpack the psychology behind the crimes – and she says understanding humans is critical to understanding cybercrime itself.