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I intend to cut this American beer stash with a traditional coconut wine called ; an extra dramatic touch to the last-minute session. I explain to her that I had basically been asked to get sloshed and rant about North Korea.The handful of guests that can make it arrive over the course of a half hour. “Is it sad that I’m not taking this threat seriously at all? “The whole thing is fucking stupid to me.” We shotgun a beer while we wait for the others to arrive.I was instantly attracted to him,we started chatting while people around us was making there way out of the club pushing passed, I didn't care I wanted to keep chatting to Dan,he was so hot.

At the entrance to my flat we kissed some more, Dan told me I was making him hot, I felt pretty hot myself our kissing was intense and it was making me wet. It took us ages to get to the 3 floor as we couldn't keep our hands of each other on the way,stopping to kiss, Dans hands on my ass and feeling my tits,it was hot.

This story was written by Sensory Overlord, and is Copyright 2002. She had persevered in her combing of the old records in the monastery at Pinchu Myars, sure that there must be some truth behind the legends.

Her researches into this legend had taken several years, uncovering various improbable and no doubt exaggerated references to a huge, solid gold phallic totem, nearly two feet in length, massively thick, with an intricately veined and ridged surface encrusted with numerous fabulous gemstones.

Laura Croft and the The Venus Thigh Trap Plant/F, L Croft, NC, BDSM, Lact, Archaeology, Silly All that legal guff about how you might be an innocent child, or living under a censorious government, puritanical legal system, your mother wouldn't approve, you should not be here, you really must stop now, etc. She has told no one of this expedition, or its objective, lest some uneducated villain attempt to beat her to the treasure.

Anyway, what follows is an explicit, graphic, extreme sexual fantasy. She found mostly dark allusions to a terrible Guardian of the Lingam; yet the best translation she can manage of the guardian's name is 'seeker of nectar', which doesn't sound very scary to her. Finally, she obtained a script that gives a clue to the artefact's location - deep in the jungles, far from any present day civilisation. So here she is, a month of difficult and solitary trekking later, entering the rainforest cloaked ruins of the Temple of Phali.