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Abortion clinics across the country regularly face protesters, and of course, there's the internet to make anti-abortion sentiment a constant conversation.

As the Trump election was correlated with a rise in reported hate crimes, Parker heard an increase in attacks based in race.“The effort to shame me by racializing abortion and making it appear that I'm committing some sort of atrocity against ‘my own people' — that rhetoric has heated up,” Parker says, referring to the conspiracy theory that abortion is a sort of “black genocide.”“I've had death threats, but most of them are because of the public access that I afford people through Facebook and Twitter,” Parker continues.

Now 31, Parker hasn't taken an NFL snap since rushing for 389 yards over 14 games in 2009.

Undrafted out of North Carolina in 2004, Parker carved out a fine career with 5,378 rushing yards, a fifth-place fantasy finish in 2006 and the longest rushing score in Super Bowl history.

It's not quite as damning as the Packers choosing practice squadder Dimitri Nance after considering Parker.So protesters are becoming more hostile and aggressive,” he says.I caught up with Parker for an exclusive interview with Elite Daily at the Physicians For Reproductive Health Gala on June 5, where he presented an award to Dr.Willie Parker was 15 years old when he became Born Again.His baseball coach and spiritual leader at the time, a man he called Pastor Mike, had told him all he needed to experience “the love of the living God was to invite him in.” And so one May afternoon in 1978, he settled onto a large rock that sat in a dirt lot at the bottom of a hill in Jefferson County, Alabama, where he grew up. What I’m sure happened to me is that it awakened a sense of love and compassion and responsibility for other people.