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Color Quiz is a free five minute personality test based on decades of research by color psychologists around the world.

There are no complicated questions to answer, you simply choose colors with a click of the mouse! Max Lûscher and is used worldwide, most notably in Europe, by psychologists, doctors, government agencies, and universities to screen their candidates.

I had no idea what this meant, so I took the questionnaire. Soon after exploring the personality charts, I also discovered that INTJ and ENFPs are a match made in MBTI heaven. For those who have taken a MBTI test before, you know that reading your results can be kind of jaw-dropping.

Do couples with similar personalities have fewer conflicts?

It can help us see that our partner’s priorities aren’t necessarily misplaced just because we don’t share them.

On the other hand, that’s just it: you’re categorizing people into neat little boxes, and a misguided adherence to it can backfire.Your distribution list is on your test record, on the reservations page.To add to your distribution list, click the small pencil icon, select schools and submit payment to secure your additions.Applicants applying to an Ontario medical school will need an OMSAS number to register for the CASPer test.You receive your OMSAS number when you submit and finalize your application through OUAC.